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1515 * being embedded in Markdown documents
1717 Falderal in three words: "Doctests for DSLs".
19 If you're more interested in running the tools than learning about the format
20 itself, skip down to [Implementation](#implementation).
1922 Motivation
2023 ----------
107110 [`doc/Falderal_Literate_Test_Format.markdown`](doc/Falderal_Literate_Test_Format.markdown).
108111 (Note that this specification should not be expected to remain stable
109112 through the 0.x version series.) There are other documents in there too.
110 * `bin/falderal` — the reference implementation of Falderal, written in
111 Python and sometimes referred to as "py-falderal". It imports the
112 sources in `src/falderal`. You don't need to install it; just add
113 the `bin` directory of this distribution to your `$PATH`. This
114 implementation is (somewhat) documented in `doc/py-falderal.markdown`.
113 * `bin/falderal` — the reference implementation of Falderal.
114 See "Implementation", below, for details.
115115 * `script` — miscellaneous small tools intended to be used in tests.
116116 * `src` — source code for py-falderal.
117117 * `tests` — a set of tests for Falderal itself. (Note that these are not
119119 * `HISTORY.markdown` — changelog for releases of Falderal.
120120 * `TODO.markdown` — areas where Falderal and its implementations could be
121121 improved.
123 Implementation
124 --------------
126 This distribution contains `falderal`, which is the reference implementation
127 of Falderal, written in Python and sometimes referred to as "py-falderal".
129 To use it, you can clone this repository and run it as `bin/falderal`
130 from the directory of your clone, or you can put the `bin` directory
131 on your executable search path, and run it as `falderal` anywhere.
133 Or you can install it using `pip`:
135 pip install -e git://
137 Depending on your needs, you may wish to establish a virtual environment
138 first. Describing how to do so is outside the scope of this document.
140 The implementation is (somewhat) documented in `doc/py-falderal.markdown`.
123142 Development
124143 -----------