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4949 * Fixed a bug where exception text which extended over multiple lines
5050 could not be expected correctly.
52 The current version under development is 0.4. It will likely expand upon the
53 potential language-independence that was introduced here by including
54 formatters for other languages, such as Python functions and shell commands.
55 It will likely also attempt to make the usage simpler, possibly by providing
56 an executable front-end, possibly also by being a Cabal package.
52 The current version under development is 0.4. It is introducing the
53 following features:
55 * For ease of installation, the project is presented as a Cabal package.
56 * A driver executable, `falderal`, is built as part of installing the
57 Cabal package. It provides a command-line interface to formatting
58 Falderal files and, in a limited fashion, running the tests in them.
59 * A shell script formatter has been written, enabling testing of shell
60 commands. One caveat is that reporting for these tests is nowhere near
61 as nice as for Haskell functions, but that will change in the next version.
62 * The Functionality-definition pragma has been implemented, making it
63 possible to write tests in a more abstract, implementation-independent
64 fashion.
5866 The API should not be expected to be stable through the 0.x series.
7179 Official release distfiles are available on the [Falderal
7280 project page][] at [Cat's Eye Technologies'][].
74 [Falderal project page]:
75 [Cat's Eye Technologies]:
7782 For Further Information
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8085 Please see the [Falderal wiki][] on Bitbucket.
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