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55 * Removed the old, bitrotting Haskell implementation.
66 * Removed deprecated `%(test-text)` and `%(test-file)` variables
77 (`%(test-body-text)` and `%(test-body-file)` should be used now.)
8 * Added some adapters in the `script/` directory of the repo.
8 * Added some adapters in the `script/` directory of the repo:
9 * `fa-under-pty` runs a target program under a pseudoterminal
10 * `fa-bin-to-hex` converts 8-bit binary output to hexadecimal codes
11 * `fa-hex-to-bin` converts hexadecimal codes to 8-bit binary output
1013 Version 0.9-2014.0525 "Municipal Pier #2, May 25th 2014" (current released
1114 version):
103103 the `bin` directory of this distribution to your `$PATH`. This
104104 implementation is (somewhat) documented in `doc/py-falderal.markdown`.
105105 * `src` — source code for py-falderal.
106 * `impl/Test.Falderal` — a (lagging, and not conformant) implementation of
107 Falderal in Haskell.
108106 * `tests` — a set of tests for Falderal itself. (Note that these are not
109107 written in Falderal, as that would just be too confusing.)
110108 * `HISTORY.markdown` — changelog for releases of Falderal.
188188 if stdout is not a tty) to colorize the output with, of course, pass=green,
189189 fail=red.
191 OTOH, you'd often want to pipe the output to less, which will disable
192 colourization anyway, on the tty check. So maybe look at how `cdiff` allows
193 colourized text to be paged, first.
191 But, you'd often want to pipe the output to `less`, which by default makes
192 control characters visible, defeating colourization. But there is a flag
193 to less, `less -R`, which retains colourization. So use that.
195195 ### Flag invalid sequences of lines as errors