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4242 --------
4444 The current version of Falderal is described in the Falderal Literate Test
45 Format document. The current version of `Test.Falderal` is 0.4.
45 Format document. The current version of `Test.Falderal` is 0.5 "The Loop".
4646 Neither the file format specification, nor the `Test.Falderal` API,
4747 should not be expected to be stable through the 0.x series.
7373 History
7474 -------
76 Version 0.5 (under development):
76 Version 0.5 "The Loop" (current released version):
7878 * The command-line format of `falderal` has changed, for the better.
7979 The `test` subcommand no longer requires that the failure reporting
9090 * A new pragma `encoding:` was added, so that this directive can be
9191 embedded in your Falderal document (for the benefit of your text editor)
9292 without necessarily appearing in the formatted document.
93 * We began giving release milestones colorful names. The naming
94 convention is to choose names of Chicagoland neigborhoods, suburbs,
95 landmarks, and institutions. Version 0.5 was named after The Loop in
96 recognition of its ability to shuttle test results between `falderal`
97 and the various results generators implemented in different languages.
98 Previous versions of `Test.Falderal` were retroactively given milestone
99 names during this release.
94 Version 0.4 (current released version):
101 Version 0.4 "Blackstone Hotel":
96103 * For ease of installation, the project is presented as a Cabal package.
97104 * A driver executable, `falderal`, is built as part of installing the
107114 Falderal 0.4, but you are encouraged to use the Functionality-definition
108115 pragma introduced in 0.4 to make your tests more implementation-independent.
110 Version 0.3:
117 Version 0.3 "Chicago Board of Trade":
112119 * The definition of a Falderal Literate Test Format, distinct from the
113120 reference implementation of tools for it in Haskell (`Test.Falderal`).
118125 * Running tests is now a matter of formatting a Falderal file as a Haskell
119126 module and running the function `testModule` in that module.
121 Version 0.2:
128 Version 0.2 "Dearborn Station":
123 * (to be filled in)
130 * Added a test harness for Falderal itself, in the form of a simple shell
131 script which diffs the output of `Test.Falderal.Demo` against a text file
132 containing the expected content.
133 * Improved formatting of failure reports. Multi-line input text or expected
134 output is always presented starting on its own line.
135 * Tests may be organized into groups; the entire group is preceded by some
136 literal text, but there is no literal text between the tests in the group.
137 When one of these tests fails, the literal text for the group is reported,
138 along with the number of the test within the group.
139 * Fixed a bug where exception text which extended over multiple lines
140 could not be expected correctly.
125 Version 0.1:
142 Version 0.1 "Haymarket Square":
127 * (to be filled in)
144 * Provision of a framework for writing and running literate tests which may
145 be embedded in literate Haskell source code.
146 * Testing Haskell functions of type `String -> String`. A test specifies input
147 to the function, and may expect a particular output, or that a particular
148 exception is thrown.
149 * Through simple adapters, testing functions of other types such as
150 `(Show a) => String -> a`.
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