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2323 The simplest way to use DAM is to simply load it directly on a web page,
24 which will work for most modern browsers, and to use it like so:
24 and use it like so:
2626 <script src="dist/dam-0.2.js"></script>
2727 <script>
130130 `dam-plus-widgets-0.2.js` could, in a pinch, be constructed by hand from
131131 the files `src/dam.js` and `src/dam-widgets.js`.
133 You can also import the DAM source files as ES6 modules in your own frontend
134 build process. See the [demo/es6build/](demo/es6build/) directory of this
135 repository for an example of this.
133137 ### Advanced widget creation
135139 The function returned by `DAM.maker` is simply `DAM.makeElem` with some