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120120 and then you will have `DAM` as well as all the standard widget makers (nested
121121 under `DAM`) at your fingertips.
123 Note that, for convenience, `dist/dam-plus-widgets-0.2.min.js` is built from
124 `src/dam-plus-widgets.js`, and minified for production, with some node.js
125 tooling (browserify and so forth) defined in the `package.json` in this repo.
126 But in a pinch, it could easily be constructed by hand from the files
127 `src/dam.js` and `src/dam-widgets.js`.
123 ### Distribution files
125 Note that the `package.json` supplied in this repository builds the files
126 in `dist/` from the source files in `src/` using Browserify and Babel.
127 It builds minified versions too. But this is just a convenience. The
128 file `src/dam.js` is ES5 JavaScript and can be loaded directly in a web
129 page and it will work fine in most modern browsers. Similarly,
130 `dam-plus-widgets-0.2.js` could, in a pinch, be constructed by hand from
131 the files `src/dam.js` and `src/dam-widgets.js`.
129133 ### Advanced widget creation