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Welcome to the Befunge-93 Reference Distribution

Version 2.25 - Silver Jubilee Edition

This is the reference distribution for the Befunge-93 programming language. It contains the specification and reference implementation (bef), which are direct descendants of the originals, along with a few related tools and many example programs.

About Befunge-93

Befunge-93 is an esoteric programming language where the program exists in a two-dimensional grid of cells, where each cell contains a single instruction, and execution can proceed in any cardinal direction across this grid -- not just left-to-right, but also right-to-left, top-to-bottom, and bottom-to-top.

For more information, see the Befunge-93 specification in the doc directory.


  • README.markdown: these post-modernist existential rants
  • LICENSE: a bedtime story written to give your lawyer sweet dreams
  • doc/Befunge-93.markdown: the specification for Befunge-93, such as it is
  • doc/bef.markdown: docs for the interpreter, in the style of a man page
  • src/bef.c: Befunge-93 reference interpreter/debugger v2.25 source code
  • src/bef2c.c: Befunge-93 to ANSI C compiler v1.0 source code
  • src/befprof.c: Befunge-93 profiler v1.0 source code
  • eg/*: Various and sundry contributed Befunge-93 programs

For More Information

See the official entry for Befunge-93 at Cat's Eye Technologies.

Happy Befunging!
Chris Pressey
London, England
December, 2018